How to Wish for What You Want

Career-Assessments-Career-Happiness-FeaturedPeople familiar with The Secret will find this line of thought familiar: If you want something, ask the Universe for it. It is said that the positive vibes that people push towards their goals. Melody Fletcher, the author of the series was not as happy as she is now. The positivity people have is usually found by fighting for it and asking for it. In religious terms, praying for happiness is one of the most common things people do. Happiness and the ability to manifest what one desires is hardly out of the realm of the possible. The secret lies in how much effort one is willing to put into achieving it.

Why Your Spouse Should Also be Your Best Friend

elitedaily-Marija-Savic-expressing-feelings-600x300It is frequently seen in arranged marriages that the chosen couple barely get to know each other before they are thrust into the loophole that is marriage. Before long, they are all but wrapped in the duties that come with it. While this story may be familiar to many people, it does not mean it cannot change. A healthy relationship is one in which both parties trust each other explicitly. While the first word to describe one’s spouse is not usually “a friend”, more and more married couples are looking for a way to create friendship within their married lives as a way to earn trust.

Reality TV and Social Media are Running Our Lives

Scoial Media NetworkingWatching reality TV has become the hip thing to do. In true style of the Truman show, people can now watch other people live out their daily lives. Social Media is another giant that allows us to peek into the lives of people around us. However, are we truly connecting? By vicariously through the lives of others, are we not neglecting to live out own lives? What part of us in inclined to take a photo of a dish and post it for the world to see rather than sample it ourselves? People seem to want to compare themselves to their idols and thus, seem to be constantly putting themselves down.