San Antonio Industrial Accident Attorneys

San Antonio Industrial Accident Attorneys

Have you or a loved one been injured in an industrial accident?

An “industrial accident” refers to an incident where an employee is injured while working at a large industrial facility like DuPont, TXI, Hubble Power Systems, Kraft Foods, Watlow-Columbia Inc., Dana Corp., ABC Laboratories, 3m, Frito-Lay, Pilgrim’s Pride, Sanderson Farms, and many others.Personal Injury Accident attorneys

There are many ways employees can get hurt at an industrial facility including electrocution, explosions, burns, crushing, falls, and inhalation of poisonous fumes. Sadly, San Antonio has been the home to several examples of all of these types of industrial accidents. This is due to the fact that there is such a large presence of large scale manufacturing and chemical production in the San Antonio area. Whenever you have such a high concentration of these types of dangerous elements, an industrial accident is likely to happen.

The main thing to consider in an industrial accident, is that unlike an injury sustained while working for a small company, companies that operate plants and factories of this magnitude have their own legal counsel on staff. When a worker is injured or killed in an industrial accident, these attorneys are put in charge of damage control. They can make it very challenging for an accident victim or their family to get fair compensation.

This is precisely where we can help. Our experienced San Antonio industrial accident attorneys understand the law, and will not let these corporate giants walk over you.

As with any other type of work-related injuries in San Antonio, industrial accidents are subject to the rules of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act.personal Injury Law

One of the benefits to hiring our Law Office’s San Antonio industrial accident lawyers following an industrial accident is that we can quickly determine if the employer has workers compensation coverage or not. Once this determination is made, the case can go in diametrically different directions. It is critical in these types of cases to obtain all of the evidence immediately before the industrial employer has an opportunity to “clean up” the site. Witness statements, pictures, measurements, and video should be obtained immediately following the accident. In most cases, we will partner with an industrial accident who will help us inspect the site where the accident took place before the site is tampered with.Practice Areas: Car Accidents – Trucking Accidents – On the Job Injuries – Wrongful Death – Construction Accidents – Boating Accidents – Premises Liability
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Difference Between an Individual Health Insurance Plan and a Family Health Insurance Plan

Know the Difference Between an Individual Health Insurance Plan and a Family Health Insurance Plan

Individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans, while basically the same, differ in degree of coverage as well as cost. Learn the difference between the two types of insurance products.

Individual Health Insurance Plans and Family Health Insurance Plans – Do You Know the Difference?

Trying to locate the right health insurance plan to fit your budget isn’t always the easiest thing to do especially with the growing cost of health care here in the United States. Determining what you want a health insurance plan to accomplish for you and your family and determining the needs to be covered will help you decide what health insurance plan may work best you and your insurance

What are Individual Health Insurance Plans?

The first place to start our discussion is with the individual health insurance plan. An individual health insurance plan is basically what it says it is. An individual health insurance plan is a health insurance plan for one person. If you find you have no one else to insure with a health insurance policy then this will be your best option from a cost standpoint. Keep in mind however that individual health insurance plans may vary widely in affordability depending on the type of coverage you choose for yourself.

The more traditional individual health care plan is called an indemnity plan. The indemnity plan normally covers your visits to the doctor of your choosing and will cover the procedures that this doctor may prescribe for you. The cost for this indemnity plan will vary depending upon a deductible you choose for herself as well as your out-of-pocket limit. Keep in mind though that overall this type of health insurance plan is the more expensive of the individual health insurance plans but does offer you the most freedom of choice.

Individual managed care plans such as HMOs are less expensive than the indemnity plans but you need to be aware that you do give up some of the freedoms that are offered by the indemnity plan. Your freedom to choose your doctor is limited to the doctors on the HMO’s approved list and any specialists that you may need to see will have to be referred by this primary doctor. If primary yearly checkups and the occasional antibiotics describes your current health care needs, this plan may be the one for you. This plan will cover health emergencies but there may be just a few more hoops you have to jump through than with the Indemnity health care plan. Both of these health insurance plans, the indemnity plan as well as the individual managed care plan, may include dental coverage and prescription coverage at an additional cost.

What Are Family Health Insurance Plans?

As the name implies, family health insurance plans are designed for families. However since these family health insurance plans are covering more than one person, the cost of these plans will be higher. As you may already have guessed, the larger the family the larger the price tag. In addition, factors such as the ages, gender, and habits such as smoking or tobacco use in general etc. will largely determine how much this policy will cost you. As with individual health insurance plans, there are indemnity plans that are available for families. And since these indemnity plans offer the same freedoms as they do for the individual plans, these plans can be a real help when having to deal with the health care needs of multiple people.

Family health insurance can also come in the managed care variety as well and pretty much work the same way as do the individual managed care health insurance plans. The cost of the family managed care plans will be higher than that of the individual managed care plan, but will cost less than a family indemnity

What Are Group Insurance Plans?

Many companies are now offering their employees group health insurance coverage. These employers may pay the bill for some of the premium. Since many of these employers now offer both types of health insurance coverage, the type of policy you choose will determine your out-of-pocket costs. Generally these group health insurance plans will cost you less than a plan you were to purchase on your own. If this type of group insurance plan is available to you at your workplace, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of it. If it is not offered at your workplace, perhaps you could suggest that your employer consider offering a group health insurance plan.

If your plan at work does not include a health insurance benefit or you are self employed or simply looking to provide health insurance coverage for yourself and your family outside the workplace environment, a great place to start your research is Blue Cross Blue Shield (www dot BCBS dot com) or Aetna (www dot aetna dot com). This is not necessarily an endorsement but is a good place to start in understanding the types of health insurance plans available out there today. These two large providers operate in most of our 50 states so your likelihood of learning about the types of health insurance plans available in your state from different insurers is high.

As always, seek the advice of a professional financial planner before deciding on a course of action that you do not fully understand.