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Plumbing Services – My Toilet Is Leaking At The Base

My Toilet Is Leaking At The Base

There is a very true saying that if everything is working well and is in good condition, then a home function in the best way. Nevertheless, there could be a time when you will need to replace or fix a toilet at your home. Although everything may look outwards, there can possibly be a leakage in your toilet. Silent leakage in your toilet can waste a lot of water. If you think there is something wrong with your toilet then you must rectify it immediately.

Leaking toilets is a very frustrating thing, which is very difficult to deal with. A leaking toilet makes your bathroom very messy and makes you pay hefty water bills. When there is leakage in the toilet, it easily wastes fifty to about a hundred gallons every day. If you want to save your money, you can fix this very easily. There are two main reasons for a leaking toilet. The first being the overflow tube getting filled with water due to spilling. You can find this out by removing the toilet tank lid and checking the overflow tube’s water level, which is the tank’s center part. The worn flapper could be the second reason for leakage. If the flush valve or the flapper is old then it can cause a shut-off in the water. You can find out if this is the reason for leakage by dropping just a few drops of food color in the tank, after twenty minutes if the color is still there and hasn’t dispersed then there is a leakage.

There are a few solutions if the leakage is due to the overflow tube. First, you can tighten the valve screw in the center. After that, bend the arm of the float ball downwards very carefully. Otherwise sliding the silver-colored clip or pinching the rod of the fill valve down.

The fill valve may need to be replaced if the level of water does not change at all. If the flapper does not work well, you can buy new ones as they are quite affordable and are easily available. Carefully listen to the sounds your toilet makes, check if there are any internal issues and the cause of the leaks. The earlier you repair your toilet the better it is, as it will help you save a lot on time and money. If your solutions don’t work at all, you must call a professional plumber for a leaking toilet.

Orthodontic Treatment – Get It Started Early

Orthodontic Treatment – Get It Started Early

Orthodontic treatment does not have to be an exercise in frustration and angst for our patients. We want to make sure you know what is going on every step of the way—which is just one more element of our signature Southern hospitality. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends checking for early intervention by the time a child is seven. No referral from your general dentist is necessary. In fact, some general dentists may be unaware of the early signs of dental “malocclusions” or the tooth and jaw relationship that should be addressed by an orthodontist.

childrens orthodintis
Child patient at the dentist – close up

We offer early intervention services like exams for crowding, skeletal growth, and looking for teeth that are not coming inappropriately. We sometimes use palatal expanders, which are a plastic or metal device that fits the roof of a child’s mouth and gradually makes more room for adult teeth. However, when it’s possible, we do prefer to wait to treat patients until all their adult teeth have erupted, between the ages of twelve and thirteen. There are myriad benefits to waiting, among them fewer missed school days; the lower incidence of patient–and parent–burnout; and more mature patients means better oral hygiene, and longer-lasting results with less cost but all the while still having the growth of the jaws that can be utilized in the pre-teen and teen years.

According to research from top-tier Universities such as the University of North Carolina, University of Florida, and University of Manchester, early intervention orthodontic treatment is not as beneficial for children as was assumed. In other words, for many problems, there is no harm in waiting until teeth have come in. Together you, your child, and the orthodontist can determine what is best for your child in any of these situations:

Habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or mouth breathing.
Problems with baby teeth–early loss or late arrival.
Upper front teeth that stick out may be more prone to injury or trauma.
Crowding of front or back teeth
Difficulty with chewing or biting.

Crossbite of the front or back teeth–this may cause asymmetric growth in the jaws, bone and gum loss of certain teeth that may be in crossbite, or an embarrassing appearance. More on this website

Plumbing Services When You Remodel Your Bathroom

Plumbing Services When You Remodel Your Bathroom

When you think of remodeling your bathroom, you may be in a hurry to get your new fixtures and materials installed so you can begin enjoying your new bath. But wait… It’s good to have your goal in mind so you know where you want to go, but you want to get there with the fewest complications and get there services

Wiring Considerations

Let’s think about wiring. If your home is reasonably new or was remodeled in recent years, this may not be a problem. But, if however, yours is an older home that hasn’t seen much done to it in recent years, you may want to consider the wiring in your bathroom before you proceed. Is the wiring adequate? How is the lighting now? Do you have enough outlets?

Many bathrooms, when they were built, were only equipped with canned spotlights. In a number of situations, there were no provisions made for vanity lighting. Lighting on both sides above the vanity is necessary for grooming needs, especially if there are women in the household. Spots do not adequately light a bathroom for applying cosmetics, because they create shadowing.

If you are putting in a soaking tub or a bathtub with a whirlpool, you may want subdued lighting in the tub area so you can relax and bathe in an atmosphere of peace and serenity after a hard day at the job.More here at San Antonio Plumber

You also want to be sure there are plenty of outlets, and that they are located conveniently depending on their use.

Don’t forget to allow for bathroom ventilation. You will need to hook in somewhere so that you have proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is even more important in today’s bathrooms with showerheads that provide massive volumes of hot water, steam showers, and many of the new fixtures available.

Protecting your home against the damage from steam will save your walls and floors, and also prevent against mold, some of which is not only annoying but a health hazard.

Plumbing and Hot Water Supply

Then there are plumbing considerations. Hopefully, your plumbing is basically good. But even if this is true, you may need to make some changes depending on what you include in your bathroom remodeling project. This is a good time to evaluate the condition and capacity of your plumbing.

Some of the newer showerheads will require piping of a certain size. Be sure when you are making selections that you are aware of any plumbing modifications that need to be made so you don’t run into any snags.

Your water heater is something else to think about, depending on what you add to your bathroom, in the way of amenities. If you are installing a deep soaking tub, a whirlpool, or some of the high volume showerheads, you want to be sure your hot water supply will be adequate so you can enjoy the use of these special amenities. Check your hot water tank capacity and compare it to the needs of these new fixtures before you proceed.

As I said, wiring and plumbing are unpopular aspects to a bathroom remodeling project, but addressing them when you remodel may save you a lot of grief later on.