Personal Injury Lawyers – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Significant physical and financial consequences of motorcycle accident
Motorcyclists understand the dangers of riding the streets and highways. Cars, trucks and bus drivers often fail to see motorcycles at intersections and when changing lanes, blaming motorcycle riders for their actions. The physical and financial consequences of motorcycle crashes are significant, and our motorcycle accident attorneys are aware of the enormous medical bills and serious injuries that motorcyclists are faced with after a collision.motorcycle accident attorneys

Recovering medical costs, lost wages and other damages can be difficult as insurance companies will attempt to place part of the liability for the accident on the motorcycle and refuse to pay a fair settlement. The motorcyclist involved in an accident with a car, truck or bus is going to come out with substantial injuries due to the lack of protection. A motorcyclist will typically suffer brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries leading to paraplegia or quadriplegia, severe scarring, limb amputations, internal organ damage, and death.

Assessing liability and responsibility

Drivers who are distracted while talking on cell phones will run stop signs and ignore traffic signals, travel too fast, and generally not pay attention to the road and traffic around them. Many times as the driver is distracted, when they collide with a motorcycle, they immediately blame the motorcycle rider as being reckless, speeding and causing the accident. In motorcycle crashes, it’s not uncommon for insurers to claim a motorcycle rider shares partial fault for causing an accident. Insurers may argue a motorcycle did not change lanes properly, remained in the blind spot of the driver, or failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection. That is why our lawyers work with experienced accident investigators to build a strong case for our clients. Using accident investigators, we measure skid marks, consult with accident reconstructionists, interview eyewitnesses, and analyze evidence from an accident scene in order to establish fault to the negligent vehicle drivers who caused the collision.

Our injury accident lawyers understand how to investigate motorcycle accidents, the injuries and damages that are the consequences of a motorcycle accident and understand the steps that insurance companies will take to reduce the liability of their insured and the claim amount. Call for a free consultation with one of our expert motorcycle accident attorneys today. Let us protect your rights for a fair and equitable settlement. More on this website

Dental Health Through The Years | Starts With Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Health Through The Years | Starts With Pediatric Dentistry

Knowledge about the conditions that affect oral-health throughout the different stages of life can be beneficial to dental health. This article will cover some of these conditions and provide information useful to help maintain strong and healthy teeth. childrens dentistry

Dental Health: Pregnancy and Children

By eating a variety of healthy foods and taking supplements such as calcium while pregnant, expectant mothers can effectively give children a solid head start to a set of healthy teeth. Folic-acid supplements decrease the risk of babies being born with conditions such as a cleft lip and palate. After the baby’s birth, it is recommended that, after feedings, parents wipe the infant’s gums using a soft, damp cloth. This good oral health practice helps prevent bacteria from building up. Once a child’s teeth come in, which is typically at about six months old, parents may use a soft-bristled children’s toothbrush twice each day to clean their child’s teeth and gum line, which is where decay develops.

Some dentists also recommend that a parent brush their children’s teeth for them until they reach six years of age to instill good habits and and healthy oral care routine. Children are unable to effectively brush their own teeth prior to this age. Parents can also begin to take children to a pediatric dentist around one year of age. Another important habit that is often overlooked by parents is to avoid giving children foods that are sweet and sticky. The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends alternate snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or cheese and crackers, that are both tooth-friendly and better for the body and overall health in general.

Dental Health: Adults

Nearly one-third of adults in the USA have tooth decay that is untreated as reported by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The most important aspect to proper treatment is early detection: tooth decay is often painless in the early stages and may only be noticed by a dental professional during a dental exam. Loss of bone around the teeth is a visible sign of periodontal disease and requires the intervention of a dentist.

Dental health risk factors are often tied to one’s overall health. People on high blood pressure or epilepsy medications or diabetic people should visit their dentist on a more routine basis. If you fall into one of these categories or have other medical conditions for which you take medication, talk to your dentist in regard to the recommended frequency of your checkups to best care for your teeth and

Dental Health: Older Adults

More adults are keeping their natural teeth in their senior years even as people are living longer lives. Even with this trend, older adults still need to regularly visit the dentist, as they are at a higher risk of developing oral and throat cancers. Seniors also have an increased risk for problems such as the dry mouth and many may also be taking medications that can have adverse oral health effects. Even for those with dentures, it is still very important to visit the dentist regularly.

To learn more about dental and oral hygiene or services available or learn more about the doctors, their accomplishments, and how they are actively involved in the dental community,

car insurance

How to Save on Teenage Car Insurance

Fortunately, there are ways through which you can save on car insurance policy premiums for your teenage driver. It is just an accepted fact that car insurance for teenagers simply cost more, but if you know what to do and what factors to consider, you can save as much as possible. So what factors are important?

Automobile Type

The type of car your teenager uses will affect the price of your teenage car insurance policy. Since a teenage driver has higher risks of getting into an accident, you have to find a car that balances the risks out even slightly. This means you have to get your teenager a relatively safe and a practical car.

Getting him a fast and flashy sports car, which most teenagers usually want to drive, means an affordable car insurance policy will be impossible.

To keep the costs down, look for a safe, practical car with lower horsepower rating. You should also go for cars with lower theft rates. Get him a car that’s sturdy though a bit bulkier and heavier. This will not only bring the costs down, but also help save your teenager’s life since such cars are harder to maneuver and drive fast. Thus, your teenage driver will be forced to slow down and drive carefully.

Driving Record

A teenager’s driving record is one of the most important factors that insurance companies consider when it comes to car insurance for teenagers. Make sure your teenage knows the importance of keeping a good driving record. Even minor car accidents and speeding tickets can hike up the price of your car insurance policy for teens.

A good driving record coupled by good performance in a driver’s education course can help you get better rates. Some states require attendance in driver’s education classes, while some do not. However, the value of such programs for car insurance companies is the same.

So whether your state requires it or not, look for a driver’s education program for your teenage to join. Even those offered by local high schools and community colleges will be enough.

Nevertheless, effective car safety education will always begin at home, so parents should also do their parts in educating their teenage kids about being responsible drivers. Setting a good example will also go a long way.

Special Discounts

You can also avail of a lot of special discounts for teenage drivers. For example, good students are sometimes given good student discounts. So if your teenage kid is on the honor roll or gets pretty good grades, you can ask your car insurance company for special discounts in case they offer such promos.

This is not a baseless discount, too. A student’s school record helps support a teenager’s credibility. Students who get better grades are found to be more responsible, which means they can exercise such level of responsibility to driving as well, hence the discounted car insurance rates.

Auto Insurance

Your Car Insurance Strategy

Before getting your teenage kid a car insurance policy, make sure to consider your overall car insurance strategy. Some decide to include the teenage car insurance into their existing insurance, while some get a separate policy so they can try and avail of special considerations and promotions for teenagers.

The Verdict

Teenagers can be exposed to greater risks of getting into car accidents. So when your teenage kid starts driving, don’t forget to avail of car insurance for teenagers for security purposes. Getting one, though, is not like getting a regular car insurance policy. Take note of the special considerations so you can avail of a good and affordable policy.

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