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Doors and Window Defect Problems

Doors and windows could also demonstrate a construction defect with cracks in their frame or even moisture buildup in the glass. Both of these conditions can be symptoms of a bigger problem. Cracks in doors and windows’ frames can be due to soil movement, foundation issues, or poor building material, or construction deficiencies. Moisture that has entered the window glass can be a symptom of a water leak. A water issue can be a very tricky problem to handle. If not caught in time, water damage can be far-reaching. It can develop into dryrot which may not be evident at first. Moisture is a great breeding ground for mold and mildew. Taking care of an issue like mold or mildew can be as easy as using a household cleaner or as serious as needing to hire a professional cleaner.

Sliding Glass Doors

If there are construction defects like soil issues or construction negligence, one potential building issue would be that the sliding glass doors no longer close as they did before. Some soil issues can cause movement in the house causing almost a twist in the house’s foundation. Sliding glass doors, doors, and windows that used to close properly no longer close easily.

Garage Defects

Garages can also be impacted by construction defects. If there is a mechanical defect, the garage door may no longer work. If there is a soil issue that was not taken into consideration when the house was built, it could cause cracks in the garage floor or slab. Soil issues are not an easy fix like repairing the garage door opener. Garages can sometimes be the place to start when trying to investigate a construction defect.

Drainage/Sewage Systems Defects

construction defects lawyerDrainage/sewage systems can become an issue with poor workmanship or substandard products. If a contractor without the right skill set installs drainage/sewage systems improperly, it can result in some very damaging water issues. Inferior building materials or products can also cause a water issue. When you have water issues it seems like it doesn’t matter what the root of the issue is, instead your priority is figuring out how to fix it as quickly as possible. Making the repairs should be your priority. But later, when you are looking at the bill, you are going to want to know what caused the problem and who is responsible.

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