Smart Sense for Small Businesses

small-business-it-support_wideSmall does not necessarily mean bad. A small business can help during times of crisis because of their day to day existence. Small businesses must be smart. While it is inevitable for larger ventures to sink or float in the long run, the success of running a small business lies in their ability to merge with cultural needs. While some may deal in day to day necessities that can never go out of demand, others may seek to create a niche market, dealing in limited customers that demand higher quality and do not mind the lower quantities, thus making them more sought after.

Reality TV and Social Media are Running Our Lives

Scoial Media NetworkingWatching reality TV has become the hip thing to do. In true style of the Truman show, people can now watch other people live out their daily lives. Social Media is another giant that allows us to peek into the lives of people around us. However, are we truly connecting? By vicariously through the lives of others, are we not neglecting to live out own lives? What part of us in inclined to take a photo of a dish and post it for the world to see rather than sample it ourselves? People seem to want to compare themselves to their idols and thus, seem to be constantly putting themselves down.