Brown Women Should Be Treated Like Queens

DelaIn an age where looking tanned is the new standard of beauty in most developed countries, the reality of being born with brown skin is different. Brown women have much more to fight against than their other female counterparts. They were queens in their own right but have become symbols of lost kingdoms and poverty. They have been misunderstood and mistreated. Still, they do not falter and they do not fail as they strive for better conditions and a better quality of life. They no longer cover their head with shame but rather stand proud in their beauty and sacrifice.

African Americans Males are Self-Destructing and Here’s Why

resizeRecent studies suggest there are more black American inmates in prison than any other race, with more of them imprisoned for lacerations and petty theft on the streets. Those that do not make it to prison are shot on the street r have dies in police struggles. There is also a steady increase in the rise of gay African-Americans. These statistics have caused numerous concerns with the community and people have started wondering whether America is as Black-friendly as it would have everyone believe. Whether inequality is a reality or not, some facts point to a secret war against Black Males.

Remembering The Artist Who Was Formerly Known As Prince

JIkNGziThe Artist Who Was Formerly Known As Prince was born as Prince Rogers Nelson. His flamboyant stage presence, vocal range and ability to play any instrument he laid his hands garnered him fans from all forms of life. Despite trouble with recording companies and odd name changes, the man remained legendary in the field of music. He also dabbled in fashion and in creating his own personal brand, depicted by the Love Symbol. His sudden demise had been viewed as a tremendous loss to the music community and fans have taken to social media to express their deep remorse at his death.