The American Judiciary System Is Not Created Equal

jury_service_600x300Don’t judge a book by its cover - something that has been taught universally in every primary school. Whatever courtesy humans have extended to printed paper does not seem to apply to race and skin colour. Recent cases in the US have claimed that the judiciary system is tampered with and that only a farce of a trial has ever been conducted for African-Americans. This seems to be true to all levels of life, from businessmen to homeless teenagers. In fact, studies reveal that traffic police are more likely to ask for a driver’s licence if the driver is black than other wise, and they are quicker to pull the trigger on an unarmed human if he is a man of colour.

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Change is the Only Constant in Life

change your life clouds word on sky over clouds.As an entrepreneur, it is mandatory to keep on top of the latest trends, whether they have a direct influence on the company or not. To be stagnant in a set of rules will never guarantee a spot among the stars. Start changing; embrace changes even in the small things. The market will always be in a constant state of change and business ideals that reflect those changes will be the ones to flourish. It may be trying to give up something that has held fast all these years, especially in family businesses, but the time for change is now. It may not have to be radical and extremely conspicuous but a slight reorganization or a remodel will never be amiss.

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How to be Happy in a Sad, Poor World

smileyface_newsIt is often said that happiness is inspired by others, not in things. Though when the push comes to a shove, it is easy to see that financial stability brings about a certain peace of mind. In order to not worry about the next day, it is not only mandatory that an individual has the monetary means to make it and provide comfort for those who depend on them but it is doubly as important to have a positive outlook. When things do not go as planned, one should not become bitter, but rather face the problem head-on and find happiness in doing it.