How to be Happy in a Sad, Poor World

smileyface_newsIt is often said that happiness is inspired by others, not in things. Though when the push comes to a shove, it is easy to see that financial stability brings about a certain peace of mind. In order to not worry about the next day, it is not only mandatory that an individual has the monetary means to make it and provide comfort for those who depend on them but it is doubly as important to have a positive outlook. When things do not go as planned, one should not become bitter, but rather face the problem head-on and find happiness in doing it.

Latino Men and Women In Military Tactic Novels

Lone_Survivor_40832There has been recent discourse on whether women should be allowed to enroll in front-line combat positions in the military. Likewise, Latinos take the sidekick role in the literary world. There aren’t many best-selling military novels that have female protagonists or Latinos. There are even less where the lead is both a female and Latino. In fact, there is only one novel that deals with an all-female paratrooper division. However, Victor Cass has managed to publish four novels that describe exactly that; women working their way up from volunteer rookies to hardened soldiers in books of epic proportions spanning across several years and continents.

Please Let Me Introduce Myself

WhoAmIThey say that when two people meet, they form an impression about the other person. Humans are visual creatures and hence, introductions should reflect on the image that an individual represents, be it a personal reflection or that of an organisation’s. Good grooming, body language the proper use of business acumen can really set one apart from the crowd. When introducing on behalf of an organisation the employee should be ready to dole out good quality business cards that are demure yet still create a positive impact. Individuals and entrepreneurs promoting their personal brand should be careful on how their presentation will affect the business in the long run.