Educational Leadership: How to Enhance an Audience’s Learning

41957-dfdaf8f0One of the most dreaded things that can happen to an educator is watching their audience fall asleep. Due to the introduction of Common Core Standards (CC), the slow dwindling of resources and an imbalance in the student-teacher ratio, both educators and students are struggling to master even the basics of education. Using Schalea Sanders’ SEC method with educators and families alike has drastically improved the mode of learning. By enthusiastic, dynamic teaching, and through an updated classroom environment, the CC curriculum has been made a success across content areas. Her success with the system comes from ten years of teaching experience, community volunteering and in forming rich relationships with people.

Live How You Want Then Earn for It

How-Can-I-Make-Money-OnlineWhen someone generally talks about lifestyle, one would assume that their job has allowed them a certain freedom to live the life they want. Not so with the plant that Patty Farmer teaches. As a life coach, she works with influential people like entrepreneurs and speakers, allowing them to dream and design the lifestyle they would want to live in then building their brand to support their lifestyle. This creates a unique experience where they get a firsthand experience of what their lives could be life if they achieve their goals. By following the theory of 3 C’s -Connection. Collaboration. Conversion – her clients can boost their audience and be rewarded for it too.

Smart Sense for Small Businesses

small-business-it-support_wideSmall does not necessarily mean bad. A small business can help during times of crisis because of their day to day existence. Small businesses must be smart. While it is inevitable for larger ventures to sink or float in the long run, the success of running a small business lies in their ability to merge with cultural needs. While some may deal in day to day necessities that can never go out of demand, others may seek to create a niche market, dealing in limited customers that demand higher quality and do not mind the lower quantities, thus making them more sought after.