Remembering The Artist Who Was Formerly Known As Prince

JIkNGziThe Artist Who Was Formerly Known As Prince was born as Prince Rogers Nelson. His flamboyant stage presence, vocal range and ability to play any instrument he laid his hands garnered him fans from all forms of life. Despite trouble with recording companies and odd name changes, the man remained legendary in the field of music. He also dabbled in fashion and in creating his own personal brand, depicted by the Love Symbol. His sudden demise had been viewed as a tremendous loss to the music community and fans have taken to social media to express their deep remorse at his death.

How to Get off The Grid


This last year has seen thousands of Americans pack their bags, ditch their electricity bills and live sustainably off the grid, a term used to describe a living situation in which the occupants do not rely on the government for their basic food and shelter needs. This includes generating their own electricity and heating, finding their own water source and growing their own food. With peoples’ trust in the government at an all-time low, many have opted to leave the city and settle on the countryside. However, there are still regulations that need to be followed even out in the woods.

People Who Run Away From Themselves

woman_running_awayThere are people who run away from someone else and there are people who run away from themselves. Perhaps there are issues they cannot deal with or in some cases, their very problem might be their own selves. This creates a very stressful relationship with other individuals who may be emotionally invested in them. It may be easy to convince themselves to stay but the true question is whether the other person can be convinced to stay. There are some who need space just until they figure their issues out while with others, all they do is run without looking back even once, leaving behind them a trail of broken hearts and dreams.