Regular AC Check Up’s are prudent

A/C Tune-Up, don’t forget about it.

If you want to avoid another very uncomfortable summer inside your home, why not schedule an Air Conditioning tune up as early as spring? Though you may have more important concerns that you may have to deal with in order to achieve ultimate comfort in your home, a tune up service for your AC unit will prove to be most helpful in making sure that the general concerns regarding its performance will be fully eliminated. Optimizing the maximum potential of your AC unit will certainly make a notable difference in your overall usage of energy.AC Check up find more information @

Timing the AC Tune Up process

Temperature during springtime is often mild. However, there may be warmer days wherein you will be tempted to use your AC unit at home. The point here is clear: it is vital to schedule your tune up service as early as possible, even at the start of the spring season. The earlier you will be able to detect any issue which may affect the performance of the unit, the better the outcome will be. This is particularly important especially if you never had the same issues before, such as worn parts which may need replacement. According to technicians, an annual check-up is recommended.

What Happens During an AC Tune Up?

The tune up process, as part of the overall optimization of the unit often includes different adjustments and diagnostics. Some of the services are as follows:

Tightening of loose components and parts
Checking of parts for potential breakage and wear
Lubrication of parts (e.g. bearings)
Testing of the control panels and fuses
Cleaning and inspection of drain lines, condensate pan and coils
Recharging and examination of needed refrigerant levels
Thorough inspection of air ducts
Checking of the thermostat function
A regular AC tune up is necessary to prevent wear and tear over time

Most of the times, it is highly possible for a specialist to make the necessary adjustments which may lead to serious issues. It may be helpful to replace certain parts even before they officially tear off. Proper scheduling of system maintenance offers benefits which may eliminate around 95% of malfunctions of the AC system. Also, regular tune up service can also influence the enhancement of comfort inside the home. Not only that, it also contributes to the energy efficiency of the system.

For instance, dirty coils may add up to 20% of your energy usage. It also applies the same for low refrigerant levels. Other problems which may appear include leaky ducts. Maximizing the potential functionality of your AC unit may limit the possible expenses to be covered later on.

Other Issues to Consider

Most of the time, your reliable technician will provide you with the much needed information regarding the life of your AC system. For instance, if your AC unit is already aged, he may make certain suggestions such as the ultimate replacement of the entire system. When an AC system is properly maintained, it may last up to 14 years. With this in mind, it is very important to plan for the ultimate need to upgrade, not just certain components of the system, but also as a whole.

The scheduled tune up service offers a good opportunity to answer issues such as indoor air quality, as well as energy efficiency. If your air ducts have never been maintained, or even cleaned before, your reliable technician may also come to the point of recommending a through clean up of the interior parts of the air duct walls. No doubt, the best way to deal with your AC system is to know it really well. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to know more about your system, and learn more and about the best system air filters that you can use at home.

How Often Should I Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance?

AC tune ups need to be scheduled at least once a year. This is particularly true if you live in an area where the weather is hot. This may subject your AC unit to heavy usage. For many homeowners, and as mentioned above, spring seems to be the best time to schedule AC maintenance. At this point, your AC system has been idly sitting all winter, and it may already be a little kinky and rusty. A tune up is the best method to remove all negative impact brought about by the weather.

If the air conditioner maintenance is performed earlier in the spring, small issues may be identified and prevented right away. This is a good preventative measure in avoiding problems which may turn out to be more expensive later on, especially when the heat of the summer finally kicks in. By scheduling the tune up for your AC system, you will also avoid the long waits and peak season prices involved for the process.
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