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Texas plumbers say tankless water heaters are a sound addition to any home or business, providing hot water on demand with fewer plumbing problems, lower monthly costs and energy savings.

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Homeowners and business owners who need to add or replace a hot water heater should give serious thought to the benefits offered by tankless water heaters. Leading Texas plumbers report this relatively new technology is fast replacing hot water tanks which have been the standard in many American homes and businesses for decades. Despite the higher cost, there are significant advantages to using tankless water heaters.

Major energy savings are associated with tankless water heaters. Because they only heat the water that is needed as it is needed, no energy is lost keeping water hot. Reviews of various units, and the savings resulting from their use, has shown a 10% to 30% reduction in the amount of heating energy that is used. This means big savings on your monthly utility bill.

Fewer plumbing problems result from the use of tankless water heaters meaning you will need Texas plumbers less often for this aspect of your plumbing system. You will also need to replace such units less often, because water doesn’t sit causing corrosion. There are also fewer parts involved in the tankless system meaning less maintenance and fewer things to break. In fact tankless heaters have a life expectancy of 20 years versus 5 to 10 years for traditional water heaters.

The federal government and even certain state and local organizations offer credits to those who install tankless water heaters, increasing the savings a consumer can benefit from.

Tankless water heaters do require professional installation in order to ensure optimal performance. Experienced Texas plumbers will be able to recommend the best heater to meet the needs of your home or business, taking into account the geography and weather conditions in your location. They will also be able to take care of installation and necessary safety features that should accompany this type of water heater.

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